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Welcome to our construction company!

We are an experienced team of specialists who passionately and precisely execute various projects in the construction industry. Our main areas of focus are paving, but we also offer a wide range of other construction services. If you are looking for experts who will provide you with high-quality solutions, we are the right choice.

"Professional Paving Services. Creating Beauty under Your Feet"

RUS-BUD specializes in the construction of sidewalks, driveways, borders, terraces, stairs, and fences. Regardless of the project's size, from small renovations to comprehensive installations, we have the necessary experience and skills to provide you with solid and durable structures. Our services also include earthworks and construction to comprehensively meet your needs.

Our team consists of qualified professionals who excel in their work. We care about every detail, starting from professional planning and site preparation to the precise execution of each project element. We utilize the latest equipment and high-quality materials to ensure the durability and aesthetics of our creations.

Professional laying of paving stones is a crucial step in the process of constructing sidewalks, driveways, and other paved surfaces. Properly executing this task is essential for both aesthetics and the durability of the final result.


The services we provide also include wall demolition, partition wall removal, manual dismantling of gazebos, garages, unused structures, and houses. We also do plaster chipping, floor removal, sidewalk removal, and various types of tile removal. Our services are carried out comprehensively.

Prices are individually determined based on the scope of work. We provide estimates through submitted photos or on-site visits - free of charge.

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We take pride in our achievements and the satisfaction of our clients. Our approach is based on close collaboration with you to understand your requirements and adapt to your expectations. Our company values punctuality, reliability, and professionalism, ensuring that your project will be executed according to plan and within the established budget.

Here are a few important steps and techniques used in professional paving:

  1. Substrate Preparation: The first step is to properly prepare the substrate. The surface where the paving stones will be laid should be thoroughly cleaned of any unwanted materials like rocks, roots, or plants. Loose soil should be removed, and the substrate should be compacted using a roller or compactor.
  2. Stabilization Layer: After preparing the substrate, a stabilizing layer is applied depending on the terrain type and load. This layer could be a layer of sand, crushed stone, or stabilizer for paving stones. This layer evenly distributes the load and prevents settling of the stones.
  3. Leveling and Slope: Before laying the paving stones, the substrate should be carefully leveled. Attention should be given to creating slopes to allow rainwater drainage. Typically, a minimal slope of around 1-2 cm per 1 meter of paved surface is recommended.
  4. Pattern Installation: Professional paving often involves geometric patterns that add aesthetics and structure to the surface. When choosing a pattern, consider the size and shape of the stones. Careful planning and the use of strings or lines as guides are important.
  5. Rubber Mallet Usage: During paving stone installation, using a rubber mallet to tap the stones is necessary. This ensures the stones are securely set in the substrate and the impact force is evenly distributed. A rubber mallet minimizes the risk of damaging the stones while allowing precise fitting into the pattern.
  6. Filling the Gaps: After laying the paving stones, it's necessary to fill the gaps between them. This could be done using sand, special jointing compounds, or other materials suitable for the specific pattern and type of stone. Filling the gaps stabilizes the installation and keeps the stones in place, while also allowing for flexibility.

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